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I believe ‘Britishness’ is defined not on ethnic and exclusive grounds but through shared values; our history of tolerance, openness and internationalism; and our commitment to democracy and liberty, to civic duty and the public space.

David Blunkett

It is quite obvious that these days people- and for some unknown to us reason especially the politicians- do forget that Britain was built upon the international support and through coexistence. It hurts to see how the centuries of cooperation get ruined in a cunning approach to gain power.

The cooperation that shaped the modern UK is as important as ever now. We live in a multicultural community and it would be impossible to continue the same way if we lost that commodity. We are surrounded by a multinational nation that comes together when needed. Take Croatia for example- a small country in Europe, torn by a numerous conflicts, invasions and occupants, civil conflicts and natural disasters. The flooding occurs on a regular basis and it keeps the entire parts of the country standstill for weeks. And since Croatia still relies on its agricultural attributes one can clearly see how devastating the flooding can be.

S. and his 6 kids are deeply affected by the floods every time since they live below the river level. Since it rained the entire winter the flood struck back with vengeance in the summer. Only one of the kids had a bike that she won in a local competition. The other 5 wanted a bike so S. has contacted us and look what’s happened…

All 6 six with their bikes

Nina, Emma, Daniel, Samuel, Paul, Thomas (from left) with their bikes

All 6 guys had to wait weeks for the bikes to finally get out of the garage since the entire area was flooded. They all enjoy riding together now and we are a proud supporter of a family in Croatia that knows well that the borders do not exist these days…

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