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The Bikes College is the famous self-sufficient Community Interest Company restoring and repairing bicycles. We sell bikes and spares, and carry out repairs.

TBC collects and accepts unwanted and/or abandoned second hand bicycles. It recycles them to teach people of all ages how to look after their bikes. We provide part exchange options too

We sell our bicycles and provide services to fund our talent development programme. TBC funds and sponsor riders, teams, leagues and many other projects.

We are solely responsible for #TheBikeCult and #smilingchainlink.

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  1. I Went to buy bikes for three grand kids got exactly what we wanted. Staff are a great help and gave me good deal and also delivered. Could not have expected more. I’ve told everyone I know!!!!!

  2. Hi , went in to to the bike collage ON THE 18TH JAN asking if they have any clipless pedals ,they were very helpful and friendly, they heiped me to decide what
    size shoe I needed and told me where to go, I will definitely tell every one I know about them, 5 STAR guys,,,, DAVID,,

    1. Hi David- please leave us a review on Facebook too- it helps to show a wider audience what we do and why we are popular 🙂 thanks in advance and happy to help Sir 😀

  3. Hello,

    I’m from Leeds Welcome – we noticed your wonderful initiative and thought it would make a great feature! If you’re interested I’d love to chat to you further over email.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  4. TBC came highly recommended by a friend. I wasn’t disappointed. Really relaxed atmosphere with a personal but professional service from Emilia and David. They serviced and set up my bike for a great price and offered useful advice and suggestions. I will definitely pass on the recommendation and will be using them again.

    1. Hi Steve and thank you for your kind words. Did you know you can also leave us a review on Facebook and/or Google+ ? Thanks in advance and hopefully see you soon again.

  5. shane robinson ive just put my bike in for repair wheel retrue 2 nearly new maxxis daddy tyres and a brake reset with a new pads all for thirty pounds what a bargain would recommend it to anyone personaly

  6. Hi, Just heard about you today, do you have the tools necessary for pressing headsets, removing and replacing crown races?


  7. the bikes collage is one of the best bike shops in the leeds area no matter what age you are or type of bike you are after.
    amelia and david are knowledgeable and friendly and their no nonsense policy was just what i needed when helping me choose my new bike. on collection i was presented with a bike that was spanking, all clean an road worthy and ready to take home.
    lastly but not least their after sales help and service is also worth a mention as it is very generous. all in all a great place to shop for a bike.

    1. Hello again- we at The Bikes College appreciate your custom and we would like to ask you for some feedback- please be objective as we do not mind any constructive criticism. See us on http://www.facebook.com/TheBikesCollege and leave us a review please. This is also a disposal notice for any record of your personal information. This the last message you receive unless you return to visit us again. Thank you and ride on, TBC team.

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  9. hi my name is geoff iv got some bike frames im geting rid of would you take them my number is 07716516359 please get in touch

  10. what a brilliant asset for leeds 12 , long may you continue trading . took my old mountain bike in to see if it can be saved guys check it over received very pleasent phone call saying it was cost more than bikes worth . { very honest could of carryed out repaires and charged me loads ] . staff very pleasent made myself and daughter feel welcome . great to see a interesting building being used .

  11. Hi my name is Jon Collins I was just asking if you buy bikes for spars and repairs

  12. I am interested in bike servicing and repair and have a regular Monday or Tuesday spare with which to do some volunteer work.
    Do you need some one to come along and help with repairs and maintenance in your workshop?
    If so I would really like to come along and see what you are up to

    1. Hi Nick, come down and have a look if you wish. We do not offer volunteering opportunities as we do not support volunteering, we think it is not fair. But if you wish to help in one way or another just come down and maybe we will have something for you. Come down, bring your bike too. Thanks, David.

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  14. Used these for the 1st time a few weeks ago and was very impressed with the service and cost …. had to go back as my chain snapped which was quickly replaced , the only down side is when I picked my bike up , they told me I had a spoke broke , I just wish they would have contacted me to ask me if it was ok to put a new one on as I’m going to have to go back again ,… I will continue to use you guys ….

  15. Hi, I have three bikes which we no longer require, a mans and a womans mountain bike and also a girls bike. They have been outside over the winter so will need some attention if interestd in them. Can you collect from Leeds 17?

    1. Of course Andy- we’d be more than happy to organise a collection, thank you for considering us. Please get in touch via 01133455180 and we can arrange the best day/time to collect. Thank you, David.

  16. Hello, I’m looking to buy an adult bike. What sort of price range am I looking at?

    1. It all depends on what you are after, come down to the shop and have a look instead. You might find a bike that you like for £20 or you might want to spend on something for £2500. We have it all. See you soon? Thanks, David.

  17. Hello.
    Do you rebuild wheels please? I have an existing 3 speed S/A rear wheel that I want to upgrade to a 5 speed S/A hub – the existing rim is a 700c fitted with an SRF-3 hub. I can supply the new hub but my wheel-building skills are non-existent!
    I live in Leeds by the way, so am local!

    1. Yes we do and the labour charge is £30. This will get you the wheel built, trued (radially and laterally), dished and distressed. Come an visit and let’s have a look. Thanks, David.

      1. Thanks – that sounds brilliant. I will call over as soon as I get the new hub.

  18. I have 2 working adult bikes in good condition and I would like to donate them. Do you pick up bikes which are donated?

    1. Hi Joanne and thank you for thinking about us. We do collect however the earliest we can is probably mid week. Please call the shop on 01133455180 to arrange the date. Thank you, David.

  19. I recently had a wheel rebuilt by the Bikes College, and I was very impressed by both the price AND the quality of service.
    The repair was completed ahead of schedule and to a high standard.
    But more importantly, the very helpful person who served me smiled and seemed to REALLY enjoy working there – a refreshing change from visits to other bike shops where misery and sarcasm are the norm!
    Thanks Bike College!

  20. Can’t recommend this place enough, such a hidden jem! The staff are all really friendly and knowledgeable and couldn’t help me enough. I have had my bike for the last four weeks (at a cost of £40) and couldn’t be happier with it! Will continue to spread the word. Thank you.

  21. Hello.

    Can you give me an approximate price to replace an existing triple chainset (22/32/42) please? I will supply the chainset. (Existing chainset will not engage properly as there is minor damage to the top ring. The gears will obviously also need re-indexing).
    Bike is about 4 years old.


    1. It’s very likely to be a silver service cost (£30) and it will cover the few extras necessary to perform such a repair (mech hanger straightening, cables and outers replacement, etc.). Hope that helps, David.

  22. Hello.
    Do you have any adult tricycles please? I can’t ride a regular bike but I can’t afford the cost of a new Pashley.

    1. Hi Sam, we don’t at the minute; we do not get many to be honest. We had literally 3 in the last 24 months. Keep asking or look for one on the almighty Internet and we can then make sure it’s upto scratch. We do apologise and hopefully it helps, David.

  23. Hi.
    You serviced my brakes a few weeks ago so as to sort out the frame juddering that I was getting when riding downhill. The problem is still there, which actually seems likely to be a headset issue based on my research. How much would you charge to repair/fix the headset please? It’s not much fun at the moment trying to corner at anything above 15mph! Thanks.

  24. Hi, so can I get a bike or borrow one. I am a student and I can’t afford taking a taxi to placement every week 😥

    1. Hi Maz, we don’t do bike hires but you should check out the Bike Library scheme that runs across Leeds. Otherwise come and grab a super cheap bike from us- we have a wide choice of different sizes/colours/types starting from as little as £15. Hope that helps, thanks, David.

  25. Hi I have three bikes that have been left outside for a year and no longer work – flat tyre and some rust if you would want them?

  26. Hi. zumbi f-44 the axle bolts required are front is 20 x 110
    An rear is 12 x 150 hope this helps

  27. Hi. I have a couple of bikes which I need gone. Do you take bikes at all? They just need a bit of TLC. Not wanting anything for them. Thanks

  28. I’ve got a bike which is 3-4 years old. It’s my wife’s old mountain bike. Can I bring it down on Saturday and leave as a donation

  29. My son is 24 and autistic and has just been tol his bike is unfixable. He is 5 10 and needs a road bike with good gears. His bike is a lifeline . Can you help

  30. Our Grandson was struggling with BMX style bike he had been given. We heard about the Bikes College from one of our sons who was happy with his purchase from you and bought a Falcon Command, he loves it and has been out on it nearly every day. Have recommended this shop to his dad who also looking for a bike.

  31. I have had some really good comments about you and have just read most of what is on here, congratulations. I am wanting to buy a bike, ladies hybrid, lightweight and a small frame, do you have any to sell? Thank you.

  32. Hi my bearings have gone on my voodoo marasa , when is possible to bring the bike down ? Thank you

  33. My derailieur hanger is stripped and the derailieur wont attach. Can this be repaired and how much would it cost?

  34. Hi D and A
    Please delete this message from me to you @ smiling chainlink sent on the 15/3/2017 at 1:30pm. This message is not needed and has implications as there is stupidly too much info in this comment!!
    Thanks a bunch

  35. Did a good job and quote was as said even quoted extra just in case. Cost me £60 quoted Halfords quoted £200.

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