Cake is not free.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffett

If you missed the yellow shutters and the bikes outside and the social media presence and the silly opening hours and the Bike Library involvement and the trailer full of bikes and the late drumming sessions and the school donations and the yellow sign and the bike attached to the railing and the many many other things you might have missed the fact it was our second birthday on 18th April 2018.

We opened the doors 24 months ago and it seems like it has been decades since then. Let’s just get you onto some statistical data. We have collected from more places than ever (LCC, the Police, the Railway Network, the University, the charities, the other bike shops, etc.) and have given to more than ever too (the charities, the schools, the Bike Libraries, etc.). We are currently the sole supplier of the bicycles to a couple of very similar projects around West Yorkshire. We had a documentary made about us (it’s currently touring the US) and a short marketing video for a new Leeds’ based start up; we got on the radio and the TV too. We employed Sam; he’s a cool guy.

2 years ago we started to prepare this fine mixture of ingredients, we have spoken and worked with so many different people who helped us discover the better ways to do what we do the best. We have seen our stickers in Europe and beyond, we have sent some to Asia too.

We have kneaded this dough using only the finest Leeds’ based ingredients; the people, the places, the vibe, the bicycles, the Leeds City Council, the hard work, the time, the tears and sweat… we kneaded this dough. We mixed it with some sunshine, some long hours, some finest friendships and put it in the oven. And it took some serious effort to bake this beauty.

Cake does not come free. Happy birthday to us.