Celebrating 40 Years of Bolehills BMX: A Tribute to Collaboration and Community

In 1983, a group of enthusiastic riders transformed a simple hill on Bolehill Road into a BMX haven, marking the birth of the now legendary Bolehills BMX track. Fast forward 40 years, and the track celebrated its milestone anniversary with a jam-packed event, made possible by the unwavering support of local businesses and the BMX community.

Never give to charity

Support charities sustainably by purchasing their goods and services, just like we do at The Bikes College in Leeds. Buy, don’t donate, to make a real impact.

More in common; a story of an unlikely partnership

We have more in common. Jo Cox Jo believed that we have more in common and she paid the ultimate price for such beliefs. Her sister Kim continues with the legacy now and we were asked to give her a hand. We partnered with The Jo Cox Foundation and The Jo Cox Way to look […]

No better place than…?

All travelling one does in their lifetime supports the one’s development and ability to remain open minded. That is a fact.

Happy birthday.

It has been over 8700 hours of hard work and dedication; against all odds. Let’s celebrate!

We are open!

We have started our journey a few years back in Bristol as a small project with a huge vision.