No better place than…?

All travelling one does in their lifetime supports the one’s development and ability to remain open minded. That is a fact.

‘…I want to ride my bicycle…’

The average family earning minimum wage spends 141 percent of their income struggling to meet basic needs – food, shelter, clothing.  Sherrod Brown We met Labbonti today. He was a bit late but he said that he has had a busy night last night. We patiently listened to his story. He lived in Wales in […]

Too much for a few

Strive not to be a success but rather of a value. Albert Einstein We struggle to explain to the majority of people on our way that what we do is not for profit. Despite our soon-to-be legal structure we are not working like a standard company. When the bikes are being given away we prepare […]

What can you get for a smile?

No one has ever become poor by giving. Anne Frank As it occurs to us more and more often this very universal truth gets constantly omitted. People do not believe anything is free anymore. The Bikes College relies on free stuff at all times. We get the majority of our bicycles donated or given to us for free. […]

Shared effort

Lock it or lose it dear fools. Anonymous It occurs to us on a daily basis that bike theft is indeed a shared effort. An effort that requires so many parts to get involved on a regular basis. It takes as two to tango as it takes two for a crime to occur: it takes a […]


…it is vital to maintain well oiled and functional machine to take a full advantage of it… The basic check anyone should perform on a very regular basis is an M-check. It covers the most important areas at which failures can be extremely dangerous. If you look at your bike from its side you can follow an […]