From Conception to Capture: The Epic 2-Year Tale Behind a Photo

Framing Time: The Synchronization of 2 Years and a Split-SecondĀ 

This picture took a split of a second to be taken but took almost 2 years to prepare for.

Chris and Michael gave me a chance so I responded and the power of collaboration prevails again.

Belief, Collaboration, Triumph

Despite somehow bad first impression I as a Director took it upon myself to recover back to the image I was trying to present. I have liaised with a couple of staff who still believed in my capability and professionalism to deliver what I have promised initially.

This picture is a result of 2 years of talking and explaining that what we do is not limited to one sector or another but rather crosses all those thin lines at one time or another.

This is a face of a guy that blew his first chance but with some help of some amazing people had a chance to prove himself. Thank you guys.

I hope it was exactly what I promised; if not more…

Collaborate or die trying.