…it is vital to maintain well oiled and functional machine to take a full advantage of it…

The basic check anyone should perform on a very regular basis is an M-check. It covers the most important areas at which failures can be extremely dangerous.


If you look at your bike from its side you can follow an M shape to check up on it:

  1. starting at the front of your bike you check the wheel (tyre, spokes, hub, skewers or nuts), the brake (cable, blocks or pads, rim or disc), the fork (play, damage), the headset for play and the handlebars for any damage
  2. then move onto the frame (tubing, welds, cables or outers) and follow the checks with a bottom bracket area inspection (bottom bracket play, crankset, rings, chain, pedals)
  3. moving onto the back of your bike check the rear brake (cable, blocks or pads, rim or disc)
  4. finish the check with a rear wheel check (tyre, spokes, hub, skewers or nuts)

M-check (or a shorter version of it once you get comfortable with it) should be carried out at every possible opportunity to ensure your and others’ safety.