More in common; a story of an unlikely partnership

We have more in common.

Jo Cox

Jo believed that we have more in common and she paid the ultimate price for such beliefs. Her sister Kim continues with the legacy now and we were asked to give her a hand.

We partnered with The Jo Cox Foundation and The Jo Cox Way to look after almost 100 riders during their annual tribute ride to London.

We met some of our old customers and even the journalists covering the event knew us from previous interactions.

We are not new to the corporate collaborations but this one proved to be extremely important in showing that an organisation like ours can (and does) deliver the highest level of support to an event covering an astonishing variety of bikes and riders.

The stats from events like this are an amazing insights into our mission to simply do cycling; just as an activity. Sell it as an activity to everyone who is willing to come along.

Accounting for the late dropouts, 74 completed the ride.

59% are male, 41% female

Age range 15-77

2 teenagers (both male)
1 in 20s (100% female)
5 in 30s (80% male, 20% female)
17 in 40s (82% male, 18% female)
29 in 50s (66% male, 34% female)
16 in 60s (31% male, 69% female)
4 in 70s (100% women)

42% first timers. 58% repeaters.
62% from Yorkshire, 38% elsewhere

Riding crew was 40% women.

Mechanical support crew was 50% women.

Support crew was 70% women.


100% women rode the same as men.

Only 19% of all the mechanicals were women’s.

Cycling is for everyone.

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