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Service your bike with TBC!


Oursilver serviceis advised to be carried out before winter (to make your bike ready for the winter season) and after winter (to make it ready for summer riding).


Brand new outers and stainless cables from Jagwire are used as standard. Parts purchased elsewhere are fitted for free (if correct) and parts purchased with us are fitted for free. Relevant professional grade grease and/or carbon paste used*. Relevant professional grade fluids are used to uphold the manufacturers warranties (Royal Blood, Hope DOT, Shimano Mineral Oil). Professional grade tools are used.



The service includes all the below for no extra charge:

  • safety inspection (frame, wheels, brakes, drivetrain, peripherals)
  • basic bike clean (wash if needed)
  • bottom bracket service (where posible) with loose bearings replacement
  • bottom bracket shell tap and face if necessary
  • headset service (where possible) with free loose bearings replacement
  • headtube rim and face if necessary
  • hubs service (where possible) with free loose bearings replacement
  • wheel true in frame
  • mech hanger straightening if necessary
  • gear index with new outers and cables
  • brake setup with new outers and cables (for cable actuated systems)
  • brake flush and set up (for hydraulic systems)
  • road bikes: bar tape (provided or purchased from us) fitted for free
  • wear and tear advice
  • next bike service advisory



*please note: small amounts of grease/paste can be visible following our services and these will disappear with a bike wash and/or riding.



We flush all the hydraulic systems instead of bleeding them to remove all the old fluid and replace it with factory new fluid (mineral oil or DOT).

TBC uses Cinelli bar tape as standard but also provide cheaper alternatives from Deda and System X.

Our mechanics use Cinelli bar tape as standard but can provide upgrade alternatives from ESI, Cinelli, Brooks and many others.



HOW TO BOOK? We ask you to bring the bike to us for an inspection Monday to Saturday 12noon-8pm when we advise about the extend of the work and the date upon which you are to return with it. The service is performed by the end of the next day. NB. no inspections on Sundays.



Service your bike with TBC for this new bike feel.


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