about The Bikes College



Museum Store, Copley Hill, Leeds, LS12 1HY

We are open every day (March till December) between 10am and 8pm.

We are open every day (December till March) between 12pm and 7pm.

Tel: 0113 345 5180                Em: hello@thebikescollege.org


The Bikes College is a non-profit community project based on Copley Hill in Leeds, registered as a social enterprise (CIC) that restores unwanted bicycles. We also teach people of all ages how to look after their bikes. We provide free or heavily discounted bicycles and services to all our supporters; we provide the part exchange options too.

TBC started in 2011 in Bristol and after a few years of travelling around the UK it has settled in Leeds. We work closely with a number of organisations including but not limited to Leeds City Council, the Police, PAFRAS, numerous schools and community centres. We support The Works skatepark, Wortley Community Centre and many pothers. We are supported by  the majority of industry affiliated businesses in West Yorkshire including but not limited to Woodrup Cycles, Aurelius cycles, Re-Cycle Engineering, Life Cycles, etc.

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